Neville Buchanan


Neville BuchananI am a professional stop motion animation producer, director and animator with over 30 years of industry experience in film and TV. I have worked on animation projects for movies, TV and advertising in Korea, Los Angeles, London and Cardiff.

I can provide the following services:

  • Animation direction and production
  • Character design and creation
  • Miniatures
  • Special effects insert shots and backgrounds
  • Blue and green screen work
  • Video editing and post production
  • 3d Computer design

Key Skills

Special Effects and Animation Director

  • Over 30 Years of experience in managing creative teams.
  • Strong understanding of aesthetics and dynamics in form and motion.
  • Sculptor and designer
  • Maya Computer Animator. Stop-Motion Animator and Director.

Video & 3D

  • Video and Audio: Editing using After Effects and Premier.
  • 3D Design and Construction: Maya, Realflow.


  • Extensive Knowledge of Special Visual Effects and Film .
  • Strong communication skills.


Dream Street Productions: 2002

1016618_10201298320044435_1609382805_nPlatinum Films:
Production Supervisor and Manager

Dream Street:

  • Overseer of entire production of children’s TV series
  • Introduced new techniques to production

Impossible pictures: 2001

389173_416483888383607_1449711863_nSpace Odyssey 3 part TV series
Assistant Art Director

  • Looking after the conceptual design for the various satellite landers and the Mission Control sequences.
  • Space station interior construction at Pinewood studios.
  • Involved with the entire creative process from conceptual storyboarding to final product for all online execution.

A for Animation: 2001

521813_4725036088267_1046279217_nGordon Bleurgh
Director and Stop Frame Animator

  • Directing Animation Editing and lighting for 3 episodes for Nicklodeon’s mad Frog Gordon Bleurgh.
  • This work was undertaken in the A for Animation studios in Bristol. I used my own Stop Motion Equipment on the stage they provided to achieve this production.

Ultra Guardians Enterprises LTD: 1998-2001

10455761_10202184771725173_5988413669979648206_nProducer Director and Computer Animation Supervisor / Series creator / Effects 

  • Producer and Creative Director of new sci-fi TV series for young adults
  • Designed and conceptualized all characters and storylines
  • Production Manager, including co-ordination of CGI animation by South Korean company
  • Storyboard Supervisor

Parkville Productions: 1993-1998

10150644_10201756289653389_1515124588_nProducer Director and Stop Frame Animator

Omni Force
Stop-motion / CGI pilot movie
Director / Manager

  • Company Manager
  • Key animator
  • Sculpted puppets
  • Created moulds in silicon and fiberglass
  • Lit 60% of animation and blue screen setups


Imagetec Ltd: 1993

  • Design and Animation Creation
  • Creation of the practical puppets and animation of them for integration into a game called Freelancer 2120

BBC Wales: 1992

  • Special effects and models for TV shows

Latest Project

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